Sunday, March 9, 2014

MH370 8.3.14


When I woke up this morning I read about the news. It was real. A Malaysian aircraft was missing, during mid-air. Isn't that crazy. I'm sorry but I mean this is the real world we're dealing with. This ain't some Hollywood blockbuster shit that we watch everyday.

This thing is real. It took so many lives on the line to deal with. Then come along some bullshit and stupid thoughts that reaaaally has to be said online for the world to see.

Some says it was the government trick to cover the story from the other day (I really don't wanna talk about this politics scam), then some made jokes out of it (these scumbag musn't been born from a human tummy I would say) and any other stupid thoughts. And not to be forgotten there were some who blame Muslims for this.

I mean enough already. This isn't anyone's fault. Not the pilot, the crew, the airline company, not no one. This is it. No matter how we avoid, if it was meant to be, so be it.

Now, I know some people may say "Oh yeah right this ain't happening to you so yeah go on you can talk shit" "We deserve to know about the tragedy man. Feed us some news" or "The families of the victims are to be concerned. To be told about the details" and then "Malaysia's news is crap the other countries news' has been spreading the truth already" dude hang on there.

I lost someone I really love. Me dad. And I had to be the last person to know about it. The way I found out the truth, is all by myself. Like I accidentally know before they even told me. Like they hadn't plan to tell me right away. You know how much that hurt? A LOT.! A lot I would say.

So please stop being a stonehead and pointing fingers at each other. They are trying their best to help everyone. And yeah just think what would you feel if you were in the families' shoes, ans suddenly the news confirming about everything taht has been happening, and it is not a good news. You wanna be told like that? The way I found out what happened to my dad.? Well I won't. 

They, the government, the airlines company and so forth, the know what they're doing. They knew it better than you do, cause you see they are trained for that, and you, you just Googled it. That doesn't count. 

I ain't kidding. I keep scrolling the timeline and web, hoping for some good news, cause we all need one. Yes, I know nobody on the plane. Yes, I care. But do I have to know anyone on the plane then only I have to care? No. Do I have to be such an a-hole about it? No, I don't. 

Keep praying fellas. That's all that we can do at this very moment. Pray. Please. And lets just hope for the best. My thoughts are with the families and friends of the incident. I know the feeling of losing the person I love. And I wouldn't stop hoping and wouldn't believe the news until I see it by myself. I believe some of them might be doing the same thing. 


Till then.

P/s :Sorry for the harsh language. I just watched a movie and gpt affected. And if you were reading those crap that I've been reading, would say it the same way. 

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