Thursday, July 3, 2014

Dear Dadi

Dear Bapak,

          I finally finish my first year of degree. I know, still a long way to go. And since I've been doing it without you, it seems almost impossible. And this year did not end that easy. After a few times of falling, cracking laughs, torn apart and come back up again, it ended anyway, so, well. A heck of a year I would say. I know you could be proud of me, if you ever around. And I know you still do.
        I'll try my best, harder, every single time soon. I promise I'll take care of myself and everyone around me, as much as I could. And I'll promise I'll be good. Well, you can remind me once or twice if I ever astray, in any way you could. You know, I miss you bad. Idk how to even say it but I seriously miss you, so much and even more day by day. I hope you know, and pray for my best.

I love you.

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