Sunday, September 28, 2014

Tahukan anda?

Hey there! *wink*
I can't believe myself. I have been ranting here less than I should. Well, I doubt that I should rant here for no reason. Hahah. All is well I guess. Now that I'm in second yr of my degree. And now that I'm on of the student's representative for my college. Sounds big and large. Not really, not that I take care of the whole UPM no no no thank you very much hahah.

I'm good. Well I can blow and burst at times, but thats what makes me, me. I guess. Hahah. Plus all this works and studies make me stress more than I should. Well, its me who overthink stuff and all.How on earth I do not think of things I should do, right? Like, its my goddamn work and I have to do this. Penat. But I hope it'll be worth it.

and now that my bestie, Rozila already flew to Ireland. I am so so so deeply happy for her. I mean, she deserved that. Seriously happy and I'm so proud of her ^^, and that one other friend.

That guy?

Yeah he flew too. Kind of a surprised.I mean I know he'll fly eventually, but tat we never know the exact date of he taking off. And for that one person, I feel so happy too. I don't know why. After all the breakdown and not moving on *hahah* I finally manage to be happy, in a real way I guess. I can see the look in his face, that he is so happy with what he achieved now. And I'm proud of him, too.

And then there's me, still being me in any way that I could. Been stressing out lately, so I kind of blew off a few times. Thanks to my dearest Wumbos ; Syeera, Chot, Nazri, Yayat and Husaini. They are my world now. Well, hope it lasts forever, right?

Till then :)

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