Friday, July 22, 2016

Day 4 - Bad bad dreams

Have you ever got into that one situtation where you have a dream, and it feels so real?

I have loads of it.

I thought it was the actual reality.
I got carried away.
And then I woke up confused of the surrounding.

Little did I know it was only just a dream way too real.
And mostly I feel so devastated after every dream.

Because of false hope.

I thought my dad was still around, but when I woke up, he's gone.
I thought I have done the best, but when I woke up, I haven't.
I thought you were still here, but when I woke up, you're not near.
I thought I have my life ahead of me, but when I woke up, I already waste a long few years reminiscing good old days and having no way of moving on for dear life.

And litte did I know,
doesn't matter how good it seems,
doesn't matter how promising,
if it's a dream,
it will only be as good as dream.

It fades once you open your eyes to reality.

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