Saturday, July 9, 2016

One more to go!

Just to fulfil the need, I am here to spread the word of me finishing my third year. Yeah. Weeee *fireworks* 🎉 >.< Hahaha. Hell yes it was hard. Super duper hellish hard. Oh my god kind of hard. It's me tho, I mean me being me. So that's why it has been double the hardness. And plus, we're starting to do this fyp thingy (final year project) to complete with. That is another huge size of oh my god too 😬 And there is a lot of things changing too. This and that. I would rather not mention it. Haha. But what to expect, right? I mean I myself, in some way might have been changing too, so, yeah. It's only fair I guess.

And yeah tho, it is really, really, really hard to forget. Hella hard. I know it's me, I mean I've tried, and sometimes it just went away, but some other time it comes back. Idk. Idk idk idk 😫 Trust me I tried. But if anything ever goes wrong, as simple as having a bad day, I'll be creeping myself to remember again. Haihh. And there is an actual stronger reason that I really should stop because he's totally happy now, with this new life. So I really really reaaaaaallly should stop being pathetic, aite?

And somehow it's like the world is giving me a chance to start over, with someone else. But, me being me, (again), I just could let people in. I dooooooon't knoooooow 😭 For crying out loud. Srsly srsly. I don't even know what I even want. *big biiiig sigh*

I just want to finish my degree with flying unicorn colourful cotton candy with cherry on top (read: first class degree with honours and not having to pay for student loan aaaminnnn 😌)  so that I can get on with life much easier and yeah. Just yeah.

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