Sunday, November 13, 2016

God Bless Bell

I need to rant. Like need need need need need.
Good Lord I'm dying with allll these commitments. All these assignments I suddenly have to fulfil because I wasn't there when it was assigned to us.
All these caculations and discussions and conclusions oh My Lord I'm drowning in my own deep dark mess. 😫

Who would've known that you can only get so far until you fall and tumble down upon the earth with no vision of a promising future?

Okay, I might exaggerate that one a little, or a lot.

But man, I really am losing this battle. I can't get out of this timeframe where I'm stuck in my own imagination and not finding the way out. Or maybe, not wanting to find the way out because let's face it, anything imaginary is a whole lot better place to live and to go through with than the painful lot of the reality.

You can tell me I'm wrong on that and I want to see how you survive your reality with that logic of yours.

Or maybe, I only fall in my deep own mess because, I need to dive deeper so that I can be my own knight in shining armour that has come to the rescue of my own dark soul. Because, all this time, it has been there, sitting and waiting for a saviour, and ironically enough, who would've been the best saviour of you if it wasn't for your own self?

Dead. Meat.

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