Sunday, February 5, 2017

Internship is Afoot!

Three weeks into internship. Actually it's four tomorrow. While all other classmates baru nak start today cs they're normal and I'm not 😂 No lah it's just my boss that requested us to start early so that we can work through Chinese New Year bcs it's busiest that time. And here busy means learning, ain't that right? 😉 So no biggie.

Not trying to brag that I'd start early so I've been through this and that and that I'm better than you lots. No. Not at all. Just trying to say that while you guys are having the time of your lives lepak lepak kat rumah after final exams, go out makan angin api asap bcs you're jinn (or at least your perangai is) sleep your way through the day 24 hrs a day, I've been busting my ass working nine hours per day six days per week. Not to say the work is all physical but no I'm not bragging nor whining. I'm expressing 💃🏼

So to all of you starting internship soon, regardless what field you're in, but since I've been to know that my field is quite tough bcs of all the hard / physical work, good luck. Good fucking luck bcs you need it. No more fast internet connection (not that I even had it back home so you guys are lucky bastards 😂), no more mom's cooking every meal time of the day everyday (not to say it's free some more 💸) no more sleeping 18 hours a day (bcs you lots are pandas as fuck but tryna slay it like a horse (man I don't even know how they are related they jusy came out popping))

I'm not bragging. I'm just advising ☺️

Oh and sorry for the lots of swearing I'm trying to make sense of everything right now 🤗

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